Who are Wasp Flight Systems ? Kent estuary

Wasp Flight Systems is a Lake District (UK) based company which has been designing, manufacturing and supporting the growth of foot launched powered hang gliding since 1998. We have a wealth of hang gliding experience dating back to the late seventies and understand the needs of the pilots we serve.

Our underpinning philosophy is one of quality, reliability, complete after sales support and continued product development.


NEW   Try before you buy!
Yes try before you buy, come and see what you’re missing!. Have a day getting converted onto the wasp flying in the stunning lake district. Ground and air to air radio contact at all times ensures a safe way of converting to powered hang gliding. Get all that flying kit and yourself where it belongs get airborne!! Call for more details.

WASP- SP MK4 Powered Hang Gliding Harness 

now powered by Radne Racket 120cc or for the heavy pilot and those who want to get higher faster Vittorazi EVO 100cc

It is as a result of constantly striving to achieve the best that we now offer the Wasp Venom powered harness fitted with Italian Vittorazi fly 100 Evo engine
(18 HP  58kgs thrust)  aimed at the larger pilot but with two frame sizes so can be used by the lighter pilot who just wants the extra performance see specifications for full info.

Tel: 01539 822 848
Mobile: 07746290919
email: info@waspsystems.co.uk


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