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The Wasp feature set

The process of development never stops. What makes the Wasp-SP unique is the Foot throttle, Carburettor Remote priming, safety throttle with engine cut out selectable at take off two piece articulating harness design which allows very easy rotation.  If desired the front section can be made detachable to make it short pack….removing it takes a matter of seconds (two ring clips).

The front section can now be stored separately (it also carries the reserve) for extra security. Rear section can then be stored vertically on front frame tube ends which are fitted with rubber caps taking up very little floor space.


Wasp (Radne engine) in flight

Getting into the harness is very simple (2 leg buckles and 4 side buckles). Starting is as simple as prime the carburettor 2second blow on remote primer tube,  flicking the safety switch and pushing a press switch.

If style matters, then this harness comes in a colour split to suit your mood and with whatever stowage pockets that take your fancy.  With all wind ingress points sealed this is a very warm harness, a welcome factor at higher altitudes.

With all wind ingress points sealed this is a very warm harness, a welcome factor at higher altitudes.

Harness Details

The harness is manufactured in a high quality, medium duty Murmar Phipps fabric. It is waterproof, washable and is very hard wearing. Harness construction is double skinned with an 10mm  closed cell foam sandwich inner which provides for a very comfortable and warm prone flying position. The harness is made in two sections; front and rear with a multi-setting, mechanical rotation point allowing the front to swing up into the rear. A large internal pocket is in the rear section with zip closure. The upper of main body section contains an internal carbon Kevlar back plate which keeps the width of the harness constant at all loadings so no crushing making long flights very comfortable. neoprene shoulder inserts  prevent wind ingress and is fully adjustable to suit pilot size and flying position. Various pocketing, reserve options are at the pilots discretion

The WASP-SP includes the following:

Easy front-loader access
Can be made to measure
Unique split harness (fully articulated front section) design with foam interior
Mouth and foot throttle (unique to the wasp)
Front mounted reserve, (stratos 7 or your own fitted)
Colours: Colour split choice from: red; yellow; blue; charcoal; petrol (green) purple and silver
Shaped carbon backplate
Lightweight alloy drive shaft
Three propeller options in wood or carbon
Multi V belt drive with centrifugal clutch (RADNE RACKET 120)

Engine  options: Vittorazi Fly 100 EVO 18hp. 58kgs thrust With integral reduction gearbox with adjustable clutch.  and charging system. Radne racket 120cc 14hp 50kgs thrust centrifugal clutch. both models electric start.
7 cell sealed lead gel cell battery pack and custom  charger
Neoprene shoulder inserts
Wheeled support legs
Air restart facility
Engine cut-off switch
Large internal back pocket.
Harness bag
Optional: ground anchor for rigging, spare plug and box spanner, spare support leg and Stratos 7 large reserve parachute. larger saddle back clip on bag for the occasional longer trip.

Each unit is manufactured to individual size and specification


Wasp – SP (mk4 with radne racket 120cc 14hp. electric start . prop brake ) -
£4500, Price includes 1 day training course.

Wasp-sp (Mk 4 with Vittorazi 100cc electric start, charging system, reduction gearbox with clutch,  prop brake. )
£5200 Price includes 1 day training course.

Most pilots will convert in one day.

PoA for:  extra training to full rating, fitted reserve, long range external storage container, spares kit

Tel: 01539 822 848

Mobile: 07746290919

email: info@waspsystems.co.uk


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