Flying the Wasp Powered HarnessWASP-SP FlyingThe “Wasp” harness is suitable for any reasonably experienced hang glider pilot. A conversion course is offered as part of the package and almost any glider is suitable (the only modification being to make the end of the keel detachable).


Pilots who feel comfortable with their glider and have mastered the skills of taking off, basic soaring and safe landings, will find little difficulty.



Beyond conversion, pilots usually take in the region of 10 – 15 hours to feel at ease with the system and discover what it’s really capable of. At this point FLPA’s are what you want them to be, they can take you to cloudbase for silent, power-off thermalling or, if you want to really get above it all, then much higher still (UK best 16000 feet).

Power assisted flight is there for those nil-wind or winter days, or perhaps a smooth summer’s evening top to bottom from 11,000 feet! The possibilities are still being explored, but the certainty is that if you want airtime, not wasted time, this is the way.

Tel: 01539 822 848
Mobile: 07746290919
email: info@waspsystems.co.uk

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