Technical Specifications

Technical Specification ENGINE:

Radne Racket

120cc aircooled 14HP
Electric Start using Sealed lead gel cell batteries
50 kg thrust
9500 rpm
Radne reduction drive 3.6 : 1 via Gates Micro V belt Centrifugal clutch

Vittorazi Fly 100 EVO

100cc Aircooled 18hp 58KGS thrust 9450 rpm
Electric start with charging system,
reed valve induction
Integral gear box reduction drive helicoidal gears running in oil with adustable clutch.


Racket 120 —- Evo fly 100
3.6 : 1 reduction.


Racket 120
22mm dia alloy shaft with steel ends carried in two sealed bearings.
Evo 100
22mm dia alloy shaft with solid ends carried in two sealed bearings.


Two blade carbon and wood options – Evo Fly 100 (carbon folding available)
Two blade carbon folding blade – Racket 120


Propeller brake. Remote carburetor priming device giving
instant starts air or ground. Mouth + foot throttle.
Choke, cut-off switch, selectable safety ignition cut out micro switch
fitted to mouth throttle activates in event of take off abort


Unleaded (98 oct.), 4% oil mix.
Standard Tank capacity – 5 ltr (1.15 – 2 hrs)
Optional extra 3 Litre Tank capacity
Can be run as 2 x 3 litre tank system or 2 x 5 litre system


Climb rate: 350 – 600 ft/min. in non-thermic conditions.
Climb rate varies with different gliders, pilot weight, engine and weather conditions

Optional Parachute
Large 7 34+ reserve parachute. and a weight of only 2.2 kg.

Tel: 01539 822 848
Mobile: 07746290919


2 thoughts on “Technical Specifications”

  1. Hi,

    I’m considering the Vittorazi Fly 100 EVO as an alternative to the Mosquito NRG and have some questions that I hope you can answer.

    While packed, what are the dimensions and weight?
    Is it possible to order the EVO with an extended shaft (+15cm)?
    Are there any retailers in Scandinavia for spare parts?
    What is the price for å EVO with a folded propeller and parachute?

    Best regards

    Kristian Reiten

    1. Hi Kristian,
      Packed size is 225cm long
      57 cm depth at engine area
      44 cm depth at foot area of harness
      45 cm depth at pilots waist point
      46 cm width at leg mounting brackets
      66 cm width at wheel mounting points, legs folded into frame clips.
      note that front harness section is dismounted from frame and travels in its own storage bag
      this allows for much easier transporting and rear section can be stored in vertical position
      sitting on frame tube ends which have protective caps for this purpose so unit takes up very little floor space
      about the same as a person standing.front section can be stored in the home which is better for the parachute if fitted as temp and humidity is more stable.
      weight is around 37 kg .
      It is possible to have a longer drive shaft fitted at the build stage.
      No Wasp agents in Scandi but engine parts can be purchased direct from Vittorazi motor if needed.
      Price is £5500 UK pounds plus £450 for parachute.
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Chris — Wasp Systems

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