Wasp SP MkIV

The Wasp SP MKIV foot launched powered hang gliding 

Returning to lyth valley field on Wasp SPThe latest Wasp-SP, known as the MK4 Wasp with choice of Radne 120 and Vittorazi EVO  Fly 100 engines are the result of continuous design development. Every area of the harness, engineering and control systems has been steadily refined to produce a powered harness which is simplicity to use, quite simply the most comfortable best engineered prone unit available, and marks a radical departure from existing power unit configurations. Even the smallest details have been looked at and redesigned to avoid wear and pressure points and enable the harness to have a long and trouble free life.









Each harness is specifically tailored to suit your own dimensions, and torso section will then adjust through a small range to suit summer or winter flying clothing or too many pork pies! a shaped carbon back plate spreads the load and a 10mm foam insert ensures a very comfortable, snug fit. Comfort is often the first thing pilots remark upon.

Other features now standard and unique to the Wasp include a new reverse mounted engine to improve cooling fan airflow over cylinder.

The radne Micro V reduction gear set is fitted to the racket engine wasp, this allows the clutch to be used again and will be fitted with our new prop brake. The Vittorazi EVO Fly 100 engine with integral reduction gearbox and clutch.

Also there is a 14 Volt sealed lead gel cell battery pack which, combined with the wasps remote carburettor priming system, makes for instant trouble free starting both on the ground and in the air.

All models are fitted with new safety cut out mouth throttle selectable at takeoff it will kill the ignition in the event of a takeoff abort, once air borne disable the safety cut out and transfer to the foot throttle which again is UNIQUE to the wasp and gives superb control when working turbulent air leaving both hands to control the glider and simply fly more efficiently.

Both models are fitted with the carbon air filter and noise reduction air box.

Neoprene shoulder inserts, multi setting rotation point, adjustable prone angle, prop options, folding or fixed carbon or wood , tuned exhausts, combined air intake silencer/filter…and range of colour options!


Until the advent of the Powered Harness, hang gliding had been on the wane here as elsewhere. Now the local scene is rejuvenated with most locals owning their own powered harness. This has rekindled interest, bringing fresh challenges, a greater social dimension to our flying and quite simply a lot more QUALITY airtime without the hassles of chasing the weather. Our principal aim remains silent free-flight but power has provided the means to explore the skies without some of the drawbacks of hill launching.

View takeoff video:

Power flying is proven - it works, it’s safe, almost any hang glider wing is suitable and given a little hang gliding experience you could free yourself from the constraints of hill launching. So enjoy the novelty of rigging by the car and sample the joys of hours of low cost airtime.

Still not convinced? Check out the photo gallery to see where our flying now takes us. Cloud base is no longer the limit.

Colour Range

The Wasp is available in the following colours:








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Mobile: 0774 6290919
email: info@waspsystems.co.uk 


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